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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Liz Janssen writes:

"So I just returned this morning from my trip to Nepal. It was quite an interesting adventure, and I have to say that I HIGHLY urge you all visit Nepal sometime in your life...It will blow you away! Anyway, I am back home in Korea (ha, you never thought you would hear me say that, did ya?) ... I have most of the pictures up on my site: for your viewing pleasure.... If you want to see me climbing on an elephant click on "Gaida Wildlife Camp" If you want to see me playing with some snakes, click on "fun with snakes." If you want to see some mountains and my tour guide click on "Pokara"..You guys get the picture...they are all labeled "Nepal 2007"...So look at them and get inspired to visit for yourself! Take care all! ~Liz


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