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Friday, May 04, 2007

Kyoung-Sook (Lucy) Kim

Dr. Lakshmanan writes (Apr. 17):

Here's some good news about Lucy Kim, who completed her MA degree in Linguistics (TESOL) last fall--she also did her BA in linguistics (as well as two semesters in CESL) here as well. She just found out over the weekend that she has won a prestigious graduate merit scholarship from the University of Southern California (one of the five top programs in linguistics in North America) to do her PhD in Linguistics (beginning this fall). The graduate merit award is for five years and includes a 2 year full fellowship + a 3 year assistantship (plus full tuition). She will receive an annual stipend of more than 19,000 dollars. Lucy was invited for a campus visit (all expenses paid) and I heard that the admissions committee was extremely pleased with her research accomplishments. Lucy hopes to continue with her work in psycholinguistics at the University of Southern California. She is still in Carbondale (on practical training) and so if you see her make sure you congratulate her.