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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Saluki reunion, New York City

Reunion was held in the lobby of the Hilton, in midtown Manhattan. We did not have the pleasure of watching the Salukis play in the NCAA tournament this year, but spirit was high just the same. We saw and got updates from:

Robert Engel- graduated around 1994, and has been working for the Defense Language Institute in San Antonio. Also wrote a book: From College to Careers: Listening in the Real World, by Thomson Heinle. It's linked here.

Mary Ellen Durfee- graduated in around 1997; living and teaching in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Has fond memories of Saluki friends and the good old days around Carbondale.

Richie Brown- living and working in Crown Point, Brooklyn, was on his own home turf. He and his wife are looking forward to visiting southern Illinois, and running the River to River race.

Ania Hreczuch- living and working in Champaign, but sick of it. Is considering moving either to Turkey, or to the remote South Pacific. That will get her out of the midwest, won't it?

There are more; I tell them to spread the word. If you'd like to be on the e-mail list, write me. If you'd like to post here and tell us what you're up to, please do (follow directions to the side). See you in Denver!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Sandy Isaak-Miura

Sandy says she's teaching at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan- this is a university, by the way, that sends CESL some of its best students. She can't make it to TESOL- but she's sure to catch up to us eventually!

Sandy Izaak-Miura

Nelly Corbit-Smith

Nelly reports that she can't come to TESOL because Samuel was just born, but she will share pictures with anyone who is interested!

TESOL in New York City

SIUC had a reunion- at the Hilton, Friday evening, April 4th. Various reports will appear above.

Carol J. Compton, MAESL 1968

Dr. Compton stopped by at SIUC the other day, on her way to a conference of the Association for Asian Studies in Atlanta. She is the editor of The Journal of Southeast Asian Language Teaching, which is entirely online, she said, and though retired, she'd had a good career as a linguist, editor and language teacher, with many fond memories of SIUC in the old days of the barracks (now gone) and a degree that sounds funny to anyone who has been here less than thirty years.

She promised to send pictures- or perhaps scan them, so we can have some idea of what life was like back then. We plan to hold her to her promise...if at all possible. -TL